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When clients first arrive at our addiction recovery clinic, they’ll begin by taking part in the first part of our addiction treatment program, which is supervised detox. Detox is an essential stage in the process of recovery.

Dual Diagnosis

During detox, your body will purge itself of any toxins that might have been left behind in the wake of substance abuse. We know that different types of therapeutic treatment will prove more effective for different individuals.

Supervised Detox

This process can sometimes be accompanied by withdrawal symptoms, which can be uncomfortable or dangerous. By taking part in supervised detox, you will have the support of our well-trained and friendly professionals during this integral addiction recovery process.

Group Therapy

At our addiction recovery center, we offer our clients a number of different treatment options. These include more traditional therapy options like group and individual sessions.

Aftercare Services

It is essential that you are honest during these integral therapeutic sessions, as your honesty will help you attain the goals you have for recovery.

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At our addiction recovery treatment center, we recognize that a customized plan for recovery is the key to providing treatment to every single one of our many clients. This is a result of the nature of addiction. Because addiction is characterized by the unique individual to which it is attached, every addiction is singular in nature.

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1What kinds of treatment programs do you have?
As a result, every addiction will have certain types of treatment that will prove to be more effective in fostering recovery.
2Will I get individual Therapy?
When you enroll at our drug rehab center, we’ll work closely with you to ascertain what treatment will best serve your needs.
3Is the program customized?
Our dedication to providing our clients with the care they need drives us to create a customized plan for everyone at our drug rehab clinic.
4Once I leave the program how can I continue to be sober?
Once you have graduated from the addiction recovery program we offer, we will provide you with a customized plan for aftercare support.
5What happens during Aftercare?
We know that overcoming addiction will be an ongoing journey. However, we do not want you to think that you will not be provided with the support of our professional staff after you have left our drug addiction recovery center. We will continue to provide you with personalized care even after you have left our substance abuse treatment facility. When you are prepared to take part in our addiction recovery program, we are here to offer you our complete support.