Our Supervised Detox Services

When you are ready to begin your journey to sobriety, Baker Recovery Center in St. Louis, Missouri is here for you. In our substance abuse treatment facility, your road to recovery from a substance use disorder begins with monitored detox. Supervised detox is key to helping you get through the physical withdrawal symptoms. Our addiction medicine providers help you overcome the physical effects of addiction so that you can move forward in your recovery process. We work with clients with various levels of substance use, and our monitored detox helps each client to get through detox with as little discomfort as possible.

Dual Diagnosis and Treatment

When you first enter Baker Recovery Center for addiction recovery in St. Louis MO, we will assess you to see if you have another mental health disorder in addition to your substance use disorder. Recognizing a dual diagnosis is a key part of what we do in our St. Louis addiction recovery program. This is because mental health disorders and substance use disorders often go hand-in-hand. Thus, symptoms for one of the disorders could worsen the symptoms of the other disorder. By treating you for any mental health issues you have in conjunction with your substance abuse issues, we give you the best possible chance at recovery

Safety and Care

As a client in our St. Louis, MO addiction recovery facility, your safety and care are our top priorities. We provide exemplary care throughout your stay with us. To keep your body healthy, we serve meals designed to provide you with the nutrients needed to get you through detox as well as the other phases of rehabilitation. If you have to follow a special diet or have dietary preferences such as meals that are vegetarian or vegan, our addiction recovery program will be able to accommodate you. For your health and well-being, we offer comfortable and private living spaces, equipped with clean bathrooms and spacious bedrooms. You will have access to extra toiletries as well as other amenities so that you have all the supplies needed to feel at home.

Join Our Community of Peers

In our St. Louis MO addiction treatment facility, we have created a community of peers. You will be able to engage in conversation with other clients who have come to us seeking help with addiction recovery. Part of our community program includes fun excursions such as outdoor activities, different arts and crafts projects, and group exercise. Not only do these activities engage your brain, but they also provide you with positive coping mechanisms for stress. In our drug detox clinic, you will also have the chance to read, watch your favorite shows or just go for a walk and enjoy the fresh air.

Open and Honest Communication

At Baker substance abuse treatment facility, we encourage you to communicate openly and honestly with our care providers and with your peers. We offer opportunities to talk through individual and group therapy, and also host regular group activities wherein you can get to know your peers better. Only by communicating openly and honestly will you develop the skills needed to manage stress in your post-treatment life.

Individualized Treatment Plans

When you come to our St. Louis, MO addiction recovery center, you will receive an individualized treatment plan. No two clients are alike, which is why our addiction recovery facility providers set you up with a treatment plan that takes your needs into consideration. Our individualized treatment plans enhance a client's chances at overcoming a substance use disorder and lower the risk of relapse.

Steps of Rehabilitation

Once you arrive at Baker Recovery addiction treatment facility in St. Louis MO, you will begin the steps of addiction treatment. Your first step is supervised detox in our drug detox clinic. After your body has acclimated, we move on to the counseling and therapy portion of rehabilitation. You will have individual counseling sessions as well as group counseling with your peers. Finally, we set you up with aftercare options like a residential sober living home or an outpatient counseling program.