Supervised and Safe Detox

At Baker Recovery drug rehab center of Houston, Texas, each of our clients starts with supervised detox. Supervised detox takes from several days to weeks, with the exact amount of time varying based on the client's physical and mental health, the severity of the addiction, and the abused substance.

The Importance of Dual Diagnosis

For many addicts, a mental health disorder that is not yet diagnosed could be responsible for the addiction. In these cases, a dual diagnosis treatment is critical for the client’s full recovery. By treating for both conditions, Baker’s addiction recovery program increases the client's chance of a successful rehab experience and lowers the risk of relapse.

New Support Systems

Here at our Houston, TX addiction treatment facility, we believe in the power of a community of peers. By facilitating relationships between our clients, we help them to gain communication skills, a support network, and a friend. The informal gatherings and social hours we host provide opportunities to play games, participate in arts and crafts, and otherwise socialize one another. Through building these relationships while at our drug detox clinic, our clients have a much higher chance of maintaining their sobriety post-treatment.

An Emphasis on Open and Honest Communication

At our substance abuse treatment facility in Houston TX, we feel that open and honest communication is key to our clients’ future success. Poor communication often leads to unresolved and unreleased stress, and many people with a history of addiction turn to drugs or alcohol in response to an inability to deal with stressful events. By expressing their feelings rather than internalizing them, the clients at our drug rehab facility are able to manage their stress levels and handle obstacles as they arise.

Individualized Treatment Plans

No two treatment plans at our facility in Houston, TX are alike. Rather, we create individualized treatment plans for addiction recovery. By focusing on the needs of the individual client, we are able to get to the heart of each person's addiction and to identify individual triggers. We also help clients manage their particular frustrations, stresses and other strong emotions in healthier ways by offering safer channels of stress-relief and encouraging them to lean on others.

Steps in Rehabilitation Process

We have four primary steps of care at Baker Recovery addiction treatment facility. The first step is the supervised detox. The second step involves intensive individual therapy. We often pair this with group therapy sessions so that clients have to chance to meet with other clients and improve communication skills. The third step concerns recovery and aftercare. Our aftercare services include regular outpatient therapy and counseling sessions at times that work with the client's schedule.